Soft Silk Sarees

 Soft silk sarees are revered for their beautiful luminance and a petal soft texture. Woven out of pure mulberry silk threads, soft silk sarees are as gorgeous as pure silk sarees, and stand a class apart due their lightweight and cool pliability. They are preferred by saree connoisseurs for their vibrant colour combinations, strikingly pretty motifs, lustrous zari, and easy wear comfort.

Petal soft texture - the secret is in the details

The secret behind the gossamer soft texture of a soft silk saree lies in how the silk threads are treated after extraction. To weave a soft silk saree, the silk threads go through a degumming process to remove sericin (a natural substance secreted by silkworms to keep the strands of silk together.) This removes impurities and much of the weight of the silk threads. In addition, soft silk sarees are not starched. This gives them sleek pliability and a fluid flow.

Weaver's dream

As they are crafted with lightweight silk threads, soft silk sarees give more artistic freedom to traditional weavers to craft stylised motifs and experiment with unique colour combinations. So, each soft silk saree gleams with exquisite enchantment and artistry. This is fast turning soft silks as a trendy muhurtham/wedding choice in recent times.

Win-Win all the way

A soft silk saree has another feather to its cap - a considerably lower price tag than a pure silk saree.  An affordable silk saree with a dazzling regal glow! We call this a win-win!

Types of soft silk sarees

Rajmahal strives to bring soft silk sarees that spell timeless enamour in every musical rustle. Aptly named pattu poo, which literally means silk flower, our   charming range appeals to every taste.

Traditional soft silk sarees

Quintessential and matching the timeless perfection of pure silk sarees, our traditional soft silks are classy and ornate.

Pochampally soft silk sarees

Classic and elegant, our pochampally soft silk sarees appeal with beautiful colour combinations and traditional motifs.

Temple border soft silk sarees

Heritage rich and carrying whispers of auspiciousness, our temple border soft silks appeal with suave sophistication and elegance.

Checked/Kattam soft silk sarees

Traditional and trendy in equal measures, our kattam soft silks charm in a myriad of colours and artistic motifs. They are perfect for casual and formal occasions.

Artistic motifs/butta soft silk sarees

Our master artisans craft excellence on soft silks. From nature inspired to temple architecture inspired to abstract motifs, our butta soft silk sarees are an evergreen favourite across generations.

Pastel soft silk sarees

Captivating with ethereal elegance, our pastel soft silk sarees with artistic workmanship are all set to complement your sublime charm.

Silver zari soft silk sarees

Dazzling with exquisite enchantment, our silver zari soft silk sarees exude timeless appeal and suave sophistication in equal measures.

Pattu poo collection - Rajmahal's exclusive range of soft silk sarees

If you are looking to shop for soft silk sarees in Madurai, Rajmahal is waiting to present you a delightful range that pulls at your heartstrings. We treat saree selection as an art, and source them directly from the traditional weavers. Each soft silk saree in our collection is unique and aesthetically designed.

As most of our customers prefer soft silk sarees for their festive moments, we focus on sourcing soft silk sarees with eye-catching colour combinations and stylised motifs. Traditional or contemporary, whatever your taste, our delightful pattu poo collection will make you the cynosure of all eyes!