About Us

Rajmahal Silks, intricately woven with passion and strive, has an incredible story behind to cherish. This abode of Silks embarked on the auspicious 1965 as a small retail outlet, by our pioneer Rajaiah Nadar. Even a small brick of the shop was made to strongly believe in the Tharaga Mantra of Quality, which made us what we are today. Rajaiah Nadar, not only gave us this 5-decade legacy but also the extraordinary mind to enliven this Heritage, of course, it is our beloved Muruganand Rajaiah, his son. With the immense intentions, Rajmahal grew into a remarkable Silk Destination of Madurai. Later, in 2000, when the world was ticking into New Millennium, Rajmahal inaugurated its new Showroom, marking a paradigm in the Timeline of Thoonganagaram!