Silk cotton sarees have an easy grace about them. Fondly called SICO sarees, silk cotton sarees beautifully combine the tranquil feel of cotton and lush texture of silk in their shimmery folds. Silk cottons are cool,durable, and lightweight! What better way to beat the Indian summers in style?!

The crafting story

Silk cotton sarees, as the name denotes, are an artistic blend of silk and cotton. With a harmonious confluence of lush silk threads and light cotton threads, our master artisans artistically bring a silk cotton saree to life, yard by yard.

Woven on traditional looms, silk cotton sarees are crafted by placing silk threads on warp and cotton threads on weft, or vice versa. The threads are Intricately intertwined to give a subtle glow and a light porous texture.

Most regional heartlands of India have their own unique version of silk cotton sarees. While weavers in Tamilnadu specialise in handloom silk cotton sarees, the wonderfully elegant maheswari silk cotton sarees from Madhya Pradesh and pochampally silk cotton sarees from Telangana are also a big hit among the saree connoisseurs of Tamilnadu.

Cotton silk sarees are another variation of SICO sarees, Here the body is crafted in pure cotton and the border is woven in pure silk.


Silk cottons  emulate the lustrous beauty of pure silk sarees with their vivid colour combinations, artistic motifs, and neat zari work. As they are delightfully light and exude sophistication, they are starting to rule the roost as a preferred workwear choice. They are also ideal for parties and formal events.

Types of silk cotton sarees

Rajmahal has an exclusive collection of silk cotton sarees with exquisite artistry and vibrant colours. Our traditional silk cotton sarees are a firm favourite among the young at heart grandmas who adore pure silk sarees, but balk at their weight. Lightweight silk cotton sarees emulate the beauty of silk sarees in their glowing perfection.

Uppadam silk cotton sarees

Native to Andhrapradesh, uppadam silk sarees have a cotton warp and are revered for their unique designs. Handwoven with exquisite finesse, the weavers use traditional jamdani technique to craft uppadam silk cotton sarees.  

Ikat silk cotton sarees

Native to Pochampally in Telangana, ikat silk cotton sarees gleam with traditional geometric patterns woven in ikat style. The unique weaving technique involves transferring Intricate patterns and colours to the warp and weft first, and interlocking them with perfect precision.

Checked/Kattam silk cotton sarees

Spelling quintessential charm in every sway, our kattam silk cotton sarees give out traditional allure and a contemporary aura in equal measures.

Buttas silk cotton sarees

Our beautiful silk cotton sarees with artistic and stylised motifs are perfect for small parties and pooja. There is no denying that threaded or zari motifs add a delightful flamboyance to silk cotton sarees.

Pochampally silk cotton sarees

Our exquisite pochampally silk cotton sarees are crafted using the tie-dye technique. Intricacy and aesthetics vie for attention in these beautiful weaves.

Rajmahal - the colourful realm of gorgeous silk cotton sarees

Buying an authentic silk cotton saree in Madurai is super easy at Rajmahal Silks! At Rajmahal, we try bringing you one of a kind silk cottons from traditional artisans from different regions of India. Superior quality and eye-catching designs are our priority.

Silk cotton sarees are easy to maintain and don't crinkle as much as pure cotton does. Yet another reason to love these lightweight classics, don’t you think? Our silk cotton sarees are all set to enrich your casual and festive moments.