Mysore Silk Sarees

Mysore silk sarees, native to Karnataka, are beautifully delicate weaves dazzling with vibrant hues, elegant workmanship and a lush sheen. As they are woven using pure mulberry silk and pure zari, mysore silk sarees exude a natural sheen. The unique feature that sets mysore silk sarees apart is how easy they are to maintain and pass on as heirlooms. Aesthetically handwoven in the majestic land of maharajas, these exquisite weaves whisper royal tales in their musical rustles.

Traditionally mysore silk sarees showcased one single colour in all its glory. As with any craft, traditional weavers started exploring and experimenting to bring out mysore silk sarees with eye-catching colour combinations. These gorgeous sarees are lightweight with minimalistic designs. Despite this, mysore silk sarees are the preferred festive wear choice of many, and are revered for their smooth texture, vibrant colours and artistic motifs. While most mysore silk sarees have traditional zari motifs, embroidery and bandhani designs are starting to be an integral part too in recent times.

The weaving story

The history of Mysore silk sarees dates back to 1912. The Maharaja of Mysore paid an ode to these beautiful weaves by setting up the Mysore Silk Weaving Factory. Even today, this glorious heritage site is  thriving and crafting mysore silk sarees under Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation.

Weaving mysore silk sarees is an art in itself. Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wodiyar, the descendant of the royal family, designs exclusive mysore silk sarees and is taking steps to keep the glory of the weave alive by promoting it under the brand 'Royal Silk Of Mysore.'

In 2005, mysore silk sarees weaving got the GI (Geographical Indication) mark. Under this, each mysore silk saree is given a unique identification code to assure you of its genuineness and authenticity.

Identifying pure mysore silk sarees

The unique identification code embedded in the saree is the perfect determiner if your mysore silk saree is authentic.

Due to the pure silk threads used, Mysore silk sarees feel warm when rubbed up. Artificial fibres do not give that effect.

Types of Mysore silk sarees

Our mysore silk sarees are exquisite and artistic in one go! Our beautiful range will meet your expectations and some!

Traditional mysore silk saree

Captivating with a monotone colour throughout, these traditional mysore silk sarees are a sublime festive wear choice.

Plain mysore silk sarees

Our plain mysore silk sarees are quintessential and elegant. They are the perfect workwear choice.

Butta mysore silk sarees

Vivid hues and artistic zari motifs come together dramatically on our butta mysore silk sarees. The delightful weaves are a big hit among saree connoisseurs across generations.

Embossed mysore silk sarees

The lush texture of silk is given an exquisite twist with self embossing in our embossed mysore silk sarees. In some sarees, zari motifs are crafted on  top to add extra panache.

Checked/ horizontal line mysore silk sarees

Quintessential checks on lush mysore silk sarees... perfection! Our checked sarees take you on a journey to the good old days of quaintness.

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From traditional to stylish, our mysore silk sarees appeal with regalia and are a big hit among our customers.