Kanchipuram silk sarees are beautiful tales woven in a six yard canvas of pure silk and lustrous zari. Considered an iconic part of India's rich heritage of handloom weaves, Kanchipuram pattu sarees are revered for their vibrant heartstopping  colours, charming motifs that enchant with artistic excellence , and lustrous zari that can put the stars to shame.

Pure silk sarees are seen as an integral part of the regional culture of Tamilnadu. With every rustle of a handwoven kanchipuram silk saree, you can almost hear whispers of magnificence and opulence from the royal era. Crafted on hand operated looms by the traditional weavers of kanchipuram, kanchi silk sarees are an evergreen favourite among saree connoisseurs across the globe.

The traditional artisans of Kanchipuram are believed to be the direct descendants of Sage Markanda, the master weaver for gods and goddesses. Maybe that is why these weaves have that unmatched touch of enchantment and auspiciousness about them.

From time immemorial, these silk sarees woven out of pure mulberry silk threads are the classic choice for weddings and festive occasions, and an integral part of the bridal trousseau of an Indian bride. There is something about the luxurious texture and glossy elegance that pulls at our heartstrings effortlessly!

Types of kanchipuram silk sarees

We have a beautiful collection of kanchipuram silk sarees to complement your radiance and enrich your festivities.

Muhurtham/Wedding/Bridal silk sarees

Captivating with vivid colours and artistic workmanship, each muhurtham silk saree in our collection  is pure opulence in six yards. Our bridal silk sarees add an absolute touch of regalia to the radiant bride!

Small border silk sarees

Perfect for casual and formal occasions, small border sarees have a subtle elegance about them.

Kanchi tissue silk sarees

The luxurious silk and the lustrous tissue come together beautifully on these magnificent weaves.

Kanchi jacquard silk sarees

Pure kanchi silks overlayed with intricate designs in self or contrast hues. This enriches the weave with a multi dimensional allure.

Kanchipuram brocade silk sarees

Shimmering with exquisite artistry, kanchipuram brocade sarees appeal with elaborate designs interwoven with zari.

Kattam silk sarees

Quintessential and timeless, our checked sarees are absolutely gorgeous and captivate with delightful colour combinations.

Half-n-Half silk sarees

A firm favourite among the modern divas, each half-n-half/ partly pallu saree has a stylised mix of designs and colours in its six yard expanse.

Silver zari silk sarees

Gorgeous weaves shimmering with silver zari workmanship. Trendy and chic!

Kanchipuram Silk Classics - The weaving story

Kanchipuram silk sarees are a beautiful amalgamation of pure mulberry silk sourced from Bangalore and pure zari sourced from Surat, and traditional weaving techniques of Tamilnadu!

The weaving is done on 3 shuttle looms with two weavers working together in coordination. Traditionally the body, border, and pallu are woven separately, and joined together with perfect precision. Korvai technique is used to join the body with border, and petni technique is used to interlock the thalaipu with the body & border. The joints are seamless and stand ode to the artistic finesse of the traditional weavers. Now you know why each kanchi pattu saree has a beautiful play of colours!

The resplendent zari motifs and jaal on Kanchipuram silk sarees are largely inspired by nature and heritage rich architecture of temples surrounding kanchipuram.

As with any artform, the kanchi silk saree weavers are honing their craft to cater to contemporary preferences. This is showcased by the pastel shades and silver zari ruling the roost now!

Pure silk sarees - don't fall for cheap replicas

As with any artform, Kanchi pattu sarees have fallen prey to conmen. With the advent of cheap artificial fibres, it is becoming easier to replicate the unmatched sheen of pure kanchi silk sarees. Here are few ways to identify pure silk sarees

. Pure zari sarees are crafted out of red silk thread interlocked with silver zari and coated in gold. So, look for loose ends on your saree and pull the zari slightly to see if the underlying thread is red. Imitation silks don't come with red silk threads in 90% of the cases. 

. Check for the silk mark label by The Silk Board of India. Only pure silks are awarded this label.

. Pricing is one of the main indicators to determine the genuinity of the saree. Pure silk sarees do not come cheap.

. You can test the saree in the government established zari testing facility in Kanchipuram, to assure yourself.

Rajmahal - an abode of resplendent Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

If you are seeking an authentic handwoven kanchi silk saree shop in Madurai, you are at the right place! Since 1965, Rajmahal specialises in bringing you an exclusive collection of sarees from the regional heartlands of India. From magnificent kanchi and banarasi silks to breezy organzas and tussars, each saree collection is beautifully unique 

Our kanchi silk collection is a treat to your eyes and artistic tastes. We strive to curate one of a kind silk sarees for our customers and give traditional artisans the recognition they deserve! We source our collection directly from the weavers who craft with precision and artistry.

If you have a specific design idea in mind, talk to us! We will strive to bring your dream weave to life in all its glory.