Banarasi Silk Sarees and Raw Silk Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees and raw silk sarees have a beautiful nostalgic feel about them. Maybe it is in their shimmering facade, their musical rustle that seems to whisper tales from the timeless regal era, or the Intricate workmanship that speaks to our aesthetical heart!

Raw silk sarees have a gloriously quaint rustic feel to them, and are a classy party wear choice for evening get-togethers due to their sublime lustre under lights.

Banarasi sarees are considered an integral part of the bridal trousseau, and a red banarasi saree with resplendent zari workmanship is the classic muhurat choice of many a radiant bride!

Raw silk sarees

Raw silk sarees are crafted out of unprocessed pure mulberry silk threads. These beautiful weaves have a coarse uneven texture and are absolutely lightweight. As they are comfortable and easy to carry, they are considered an ideal festive and formal wear choice. Raw silk sarees appeal with vibrant hues, elegant thread/zari motifs, and understated subtle workmanship.

Banarasi silk sarees

Soaring as a fledgling from the vibrant streets of Varanasi, Banarasi silk sarees cocoon you in a canopy of luxury and regalia. Crafted out of pure mulberry silk, banarasi sarees appeal with vivid colours, artistic motifs, and elaborate zari brocade workmanship! Handwoven by traditional artisans who adore their craft, banarasi sarees are perfect reminders of the glorious past and beautiful present.

Types of raw silk sarees

Raw silk sarees are a gorgeous addition to your festive wardrobe. Our raw silks captivate with eye catching colour combinations and stylised motifs.

Classy raw silk sarees

Raw silk sarees with classic zari workmanship appealing with timeless elegance and suave sophistication. Not too dressy, not too sober, just right!

Floral raw silk sarees

Combining the exquisite beauty of raw silk with tranquil floral zari jaal, floral raw silk sarees are a perfect office wear choice.

Bandhini raw silk sarees

The beautiful bandhini tie-dye technique looks extra fabulous on pure silk base! Our bandhini raw silk sarees appeal with oodles of panache.

Kalamkari raw silk sarees

Kalamkari sarees are a firm favourite among modern day divas as they seem to bring India's rich heritage and culture to life in beautiful relief in a contemporary way.

Checked raw silk sarees

Raw silk sarees with traditional checks and buttas...simply timeless and stylish!

Types of Banarasi silk sarees

Our banarasi silk sarees are handpicked to give you a beautiful range of traditional and contemporary styles to choose from. The focus is on eye-catching colours and intricate craftsmanship.

Traditional banarasi silk sarees

These timeless classics appeal with vivid hues and heritage rich zari motifs. From time immemorial, traditional red banarasi silk sarees are considered auspicious and an ideal gift choice for the new bride.

Banarasi silk brocade sarees

Classy banarasi sarees with awe-inspiring zari brocade workmanship. The exquisitely lush silk base acts as a canvas to bring out the glorious zari artistry to life in all its intricate glory.

Printed Banarasi silk sarees

When the lushness of silk combines with the delightful enchantment of nature inspired prints, magic is inevitable! Our printed banarasi silk sarees are the sweethearts of saree connoisseurs with contemporary tastes.

Checked Banarasi silk sarees

Timeless checked pattern on exquisite banarasi silks...perfection personified! From micro checks to windowpane checks, we have something for every taste.

Silver zari Banarasi silk sarees

Classy banarasi sarees have a quintessential feel about them! It is for the simple reason that they remind us of the  heritage rich weaves from the era of maharanis. Imagine adding the magic of silver zari luminance to the lush silk! What you get is pure perfection.

Rajmahal's raw silks and banarasi silks!

Ithazha collection, from the house of Rajmahal, is designed with exquisite finesse and artistry. As one of the best saree showrooms in Madurai, we handpick each silk saree with heartfelt passion! Our range of silk sarees are a pure art form, and are all set to enrich your festivities and celebrations.

Our raw silk and banarasi sarees are one of a kind and exquisite, just like you are!