Handloom Cotton Sarees

Women from across all age groups prefer to buy handloom cotton sarees because cotton sarees have always been an epitome of grace and sheer elegance.

When you buy handloom cotton sarees online with Rajmahal silks, there’s an extensive assortment of choices between different colours, patterns and prints. For every occasion or festival, you can buy a handloom cotton saree online and pair it with the accessories of your choice and flaunt your personality in style.

Amazing Peacock blue silk cotton saree


Black and orange cotton saree


Chilli red and green cotton saree


Classic Maroon cotton saree


Dark green silk cotton saree


Dark green with sky blue cotton saree


Green blue shaded soft cotton saree


Grey with green Chettinad cotton saree


Light green silk cotton saree


Maroon and black Chettinad cotton


Meroon and greenish Chettinad cotton saree


Multiple check soft cotton saree


Nevy blue cotton saree with red border


Orange and light red cotton saree


Peacock green and blue cotton saree


Pink with sky blue soft cotton saree


Pretty pink linen cotton saree


Ramar blue and dark blue silk cotton saree


Royal blue chettinadu cotton saree


Shiny pink tissue silk cotton saree


Turquoise blue cotton saree


White and pink cotton saree


White with red jaipur cotton saree


Yellowish orange silk cotton saree

What is meant by handloom cotton sarees?

Recognized as the pride of Indian fashion, a  handloom cotton  sari is hand-woven from the homes of Indian weavers on a handloom made of wood and ropes. Handloom of a particular region in India has its own traditional weaving pattern, colors and designs. Each handloom cotton saree is unique, breathable and adds a touch of grace to any occasion. 

Tips to maintain handloom cotton sarees

Use only a mild detergent to wash a handloom cotton saree and hang it in a shady area to gently drain off the excess water. After wash, starch the saree to retain its crispness and ensure it stays stain-free. Store the saree is an airy and cool cupboard.

What is the difference between a handloom saree and normal cotton saree?

Handloom sarees are rich in texture and soft to feel. Each handloom saree is unique and reflects the ethos of the culture from the region it’s made. A normal cotton saree has printed patterns that can be produced in bulk but the special human touch is lost in its making.

Are Handloom Cottons Sarees comfortable for working professionals?

Handloom cotton sarees are cohesive with all work environments. They reflect ones personality and add impeccable freshness to the entire look. Classic and effortlessly stylish, handloom cotton sarees offer the perfect edge between poise and attitude to your professional look.

How to Identify Pure handloom cotton sarees?

Pure handloom cotton sarees are soft in touch and often have tussels or extra threads left at the end of pallu. There is uneven weaving like thread clots on borders and pallu which adds to the charm of handwoven saree. Handloom cotton saree often has pin marks or holes on equal distance because sarees are pinned to "khaat" wooden loom to maintain tension while weaving.