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Rajmahal Silks in Thoonganagaram

Rajmahal Silks, intricately woven with passion and strive, has an incredible story behind to cherish. This abode of Silks embarked on the auspicious 1965 as a small retail outlet, by our pioneer Rajaiah Nadar. Even a small brick of the shop was made to strongly believe in the Tharaga Mantra of Quality, which made us what we are today. Rajaiah Nadar, not only gave us this 5-decade legacy but also the extraordinary mind to enliven this Heritage, of course, it is our beloved Muruganand Rajaiah, his son. With the immense intentions, Rajmahal grew into a remarkable Silk Destination of Madurai. Later, in 2000, when the world was ticking into New Millennium, Rajmahal inaugurated its new Showroom, marking a paradigm in the Timeline of Thoonganagaram!

Welcome to our Rajmahal Silks

Chithirai Festival

Rajmahal Chithirai Festival

As a stone to our crown, we’re extremely honored to be a part of the World’s longest and oldest festival, the Chitra Festival of our Thoonganagaram. Yeah, you’ve got it right… It’s our Rajmahal Silk that Drapes our Queen Meenakshi, throughout the celebration.

Welcome to Our Rajmahal Silks

Traditional Saree Collections

Traditional Branded Sarees

With the grace of our Customers, Rajmahal witnessed Midas Touch. But that never made us take our customers for granted. We, the entire family of Rajmahal Silks, always had and always will dedicate ourselves for an even better service. The next primary asset that can’t be pulled out of Rajmahal is Authenticity. Silk Clothes and Sarees had been inseparably important in our tradition. Fabricating a product of such cultural significance bestowed us with the bounded responsibility of ensuring authenticity, which we pursue with pleasure.

Innovation, a vital component for any industry to survive. The most admirable innovation of ours is the blend of tradition with fashion. We offer an extensive range of silk sarees woven by craftsman blessed with the artistry of accomplishing a beautiful contradiction(!). This spectacular collection has inherited its longevity from our customary silk sarees and is designed to meet the need of today’s modernized world. Our branded trendy sarees have introduced innovation in the field of weaving by retaining all the appreciable facets of tradition.

Entwined with all these inevitable elements, Rajmahal Silks has made its way through all odds and today, is standing a reputation of Thousands of People.